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Winter 2012

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On behalf of the team at the Philip Michael Wolfson Studio,
"Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas !

Philip Michael Wolfson interviewed for Temperature 2012 by Volume Gallery

Philip Michael Wolfson featured in
Design After Modernism by Judith Gura

Twisted X Series launched at the
ICFF 2012 in New York.

Designed by Philip Michael Wolfson
Produced by Design Lush

These designs are the first of a new production series. With its roots originating from the Twisted Series.

The Twisted X Series blurs the boundary between Design-Art & Production Furniture

The series initially consists of:

Stool / Side table
Coffee table

The series was well received and featured in several blogs, newsletters and editorials surrounding the ICFF such as:


> Clear Magazine : Best of ICFF 2012 Picks by Creative Director Emin Kadi

and more recently in:

> Robb Report : "Furniture That Functions As Sculpture, Too"

Twisted X Side Table was also nominated for
INTERIOR DESIGN - Best of Year Awards 2012

The pieces are now available through Design Lush in New York.

Contact Design Lush for more information

Philip Michael Wolfson on Wikipedia

A brief history or Philip Michael Wolfson has now been added to Wikipedia.

Vault Magazine features
Philip Michael Wolfson and the SoundForm Fluid

The French Curve Series Grows

The French Curve Series, which was launched this year at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, with the French Curve Console (Produced by Base) has been developed by the studio to be become a new series that blends the ideas of the Origami series and the Line series to create an elegant contempory range of pieces that clearly have historical roots.

The series now includes a Pedestal Table, Long Table and a Desk to accompany the French Curve console.

Ying Yang Vases
Now Available!!

Philip Michael Wolfson presents a pair of nesting vases that explore fluid form and surface to create organic yet defined objects.

Pair of Porcelain Vases
Numbered Edition
L246mm x W130mm x H160mm

The Vases are now available worldwide directly through the studio.

Tsukumogami Stage 3:

Graffiti and Concrete Canvas Tsukumogami:

The element of graffiti becomes an inner desire expressed on the ‘skin’, emanating forth from the pores of each individual Tsukumogami.  Their development of logic, hypotheses and the accumulation of knowledge churns in a primordial ether of emotions and growth, manifested in the series of abstractions of Venn Diagrams, Pythagorean Equations, and Sacred Texts & Numbers appearing on the surface


Stage 3 Postulates:

> Tsukumogami expresses the ability for active & passive participation and


> Knowledge & Memory is at embryonic stages.

> Cognitive & Analytical awareness becomes apparent.

> They examine the perception and ideology of protest as a persuasive tool.

> They exhibit socially negative and rebelliously positive characteristics.

> Pastoral & Arcadian virtues are desired and sought.

> Graffiti, or Concrete Poetry is embraced as an inherent element of the Tsukumogami body art and expression, where the physical qualities of the words, or the forms take on a new dimension in addition to the meaning of words themselves.


Elle Decor features Twisted X Side Table

Lakes Series, Zurich
@ Themes and Variations, London

Philip Michael Wolfson and McCollin Bryan exhibit their first piece of a new collaborative series, at Themes and Variations Gallery, 231 Westbourne Grove, Nottinghill, London, W11 2SE

The examination of an unfamiliar topography engendered abstract notions, opening new depths of innovations and ideas - the impetus of revelation.

The study begins as an examination of the various maps available on line, through the Swiss geological administration, offering a view not visible on a day to day basis. Relevant to each piece is the creation of a canvas of static versus dynamic forces, examining void and materiality rhythmically shaping space: a modern representations of the tectonic folds of entire landscapes and the hidden depths of on unseen subterranean universe.

Finalist for the Yamana Gold Competition
Liquid Gold Sculpture

Art Concept Decor features French Curve Table, Origami Chair & Ori Baby

Painting on the Wall at the Pavilion of
Art and Design 2012

Exhibited by Pearl Lam Gallery

Set in the vibrant heart of Mayfair, PAD is London’s leading fair for 20th Century art, design and decorative arts. Inspiring a unique spirit of collecting, PAD epitomises how modern art, photography, design, decorative and tribal arts interact to reveal astonishing combinations and create the most individual and staggering interiors.


October 8th - 14th
Berkeley Square W1, London UK

More information on PAD London

Philip Michael Wolfson invited to submit a Conceptual Sculpture Proposal for a new development in King Cross, London

Philip Michael Wolfson was invited alongside 3 other artists to submit a conceptual proposal for a new sculpture to be permanently installed outside a new development in the Kings Cross area of North London.

The studio went about theorising ideas for the space settling on a new SoundForm Sculpture.

SoundForm Notes : Illustrates how sounds and music can be portrayed in a visual manner.

The Kings Cross area is one of the most urban parts of the city, Surrounded by city sounds / Urban Music.

The sounds created by the traffic, trains and the area as a whole, resonate throughout this area and where the sounds would once travel freely across the city. Now these buildings obstruct their movement channeling and fracturing them. Creating pockets of broken song and spaces for contemplating the sounds of the city.

In examining a contemporary notation system, we can also examine what it is we want to define as SOUND, and how we set out to achieve this.

VISUAL MUSIC achieved by using the relative frequency mapping of the perceived idea of a sound, offers one pathway.

With SoundNotes the sound is portrayed differently through the layout of the ground condition. In each, the 2 Arcs are the same elements.

SoundNote 1 ( Yellow) is set within a diagrammatic composition, a notational layout incorporating elements of contemporary music script.

SoundNote 2 (Red) is a conceptually graphic representation of the frequency chart in relation to perceived music notes.

The 2 Arcs remain a constant in the composition, while the participants, that is the Bar lines, staves, notes, directional indicators, and so on, change hourly and seasonally creating a continuously adapting concert.

The trees and low planting areas form one aspect of the changing nature, and the participants create another.

On behalf of the team at the Philip Michael Wolfson Studio
"Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas !

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