Spring 2012

January 2012

SoundForm Fluid
For Glenmorangie

The SoundForm FLUID bar was conceived as a concrete visualization capturing a moment in time and preserving an anticipation of pleasure according to designer.

The idea for the Glenmorangie work, SoundForm FLUID, is a development of the studios’ research in the manner in which SOUND can be conveyed and transformed into a tangible object. SoundForm FLUID is inspired by the visuals achieved through the audio recording of sound created by the pouring of liquid into a crystal glass.

The Soundform Fluid Bar will be in the North Atrium of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City,Kuala Lumpur from the 11th April to 1st May 2012.


January 2012

Philip Michael Wolfson's work featured in Design After modernism by Judith Gura

January 2012

Ying Yang Vases

Philip Michael Wolfson presents a pair of nesting vases that explore fluid form and surface to create organic yet defined objects.

Pair of Porcelain Vases
L246mm x W130mm x H160mm

The vases will be available from June '12.
Contact the studio for more information.

February 2012
Art Parks International begins to represent Philip Michael Wolfson Sculptures

Featuring the SoundForm Series

Juxtaposing the realms of function and sculpture. SoundForm's are conceived as a visual representation of forces in movement; happenings like the dynamics of a wave length, or the irregular, spasmodic line of a seismic graph or cardiogram of an event. They are a type of visual or concrete poetry. Studies where the representation of "sounds" convey an intended meaning or effect.

March 2012
Animated Unobtainium or Tsukumogami
DC1 Series Exhibition @
Industry Gallery, Washington DC

Following the success and interest of the initial exhibitions in London and Miami, Philip Michael Wolfson. Took the series to Washington DC. Where he created the DC series and exhibited it alongside the Miami series.

Presenting the Tsukumogami's DC 1 Series - ‘Flowers’ ‘Souls’ ‘Graffiti' 'Medallions’ ‘Portraits’

Philip Michael Wolfson will exhibit a new series of the Tsukumogami's Titled DC 1, This will be their First Solo Exhibition illustrating stage three of their development : The Learning Stage.

The Tsukumogami's were first shown by Philip Michael Wolfson during Super Design London 2011 this was the first stage of exploration. The art works then ventured overseas to Miami where they were exhibited by Avant Gallery During Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 and now in Washington DC in March 2012.

March 2012

Modern Magazine Publishes Tsukumogami DC1 Series

March 2012

Philip Michael Wolfson lecture at Sotheby's Art Institute, London

Philip Michael Wolfson talks at the Sotheby's Art institute about his work and inspirations.



March 2012


Patrick Brillet Fine Art

A modern and contemporary Art Fair held from 29th of March to 1st of April 2012, ART PARIS FAIR brings together 120 international galleries from 16 countries under the majestic glass dome of the GRAND PALAIS. In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, ART PARIS ART FAIR is open to all forms of artistic practice and attracts 48,000 visitors.


Mirror Polished Steel

Carbon Fiber

March 2012

Philip Michael Wolfson featured on Luxe.Tv

Broadcast March 31th - 1st April 2012

Luxe.TV is a Luxembourg based channel that broadcasts worldwide to 107 countries in 6 languages.

Content centers around the Luxury Market, showcasing Trends, Watches, Cars, Lifestyle and Design to name but a few. The video, which feature works such as the Line Desk, Dynamic Line Desk and the SoundForm Fluid Bar for Glenmorangie, explores the lines and inspirations behind the pieces. Illustrating the depth of thought behind the designs of Philip Michael Wolfson.

Watch the Video

April 2012

New Design - French Curve Console
Presented at the Spazio Concept in Milan during the Fuorisalone.

Produced by Base SRL, Italy.

This design is the first of a new series called "French Curve" that take their inspiration from the movement and dynamic motion of the historic drawing tool used by designers and architects the world over.

"There was one particular tool which I bought many decades ago in France – where these instruments are referred to as ‘parakeets’ - which was the only one I ever used in all of the projects. In fact, this particular one was bought for every person in the studio as the ONLY French curve allowed!!, It served as the inspiration for the movement of the lines in these pieces, as well as the reference to 18th century French furniture – the console, centre table, semainier, etc"
Philip Michael Wolfson

May 2012

The first pieces of the Twisted X Series will be launch at the ICFF in New York.

Produced by Design Lush.

These designs will be the first of a new production series. With its roots originating from the Twisted Series.

The Twisted X Series blurs the boundary between Design-Art & Production Furniture

The series will initially consist of:

Stool / Side table
Coffee table

Contact Design Lush for more information

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